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Evie’s Story

Evie Tanner is 5 years old, lives in Maitland with her family and is a Kindergarten student at Dommerich Elementary. Evie was born as perfect as everyone hopes their child will be. Shortly before her third birthday a brain tumor was found. Brain surgery was performed which confirmed the tumor to be a cancerous growth called Medulloblastoma.

Three days after surgery Evie had a mutism that left her unable to speak, move or walk. Our vivacious daughter had to regain all of those skills through long periods of Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy. It was three months until she could speak and a year until she could walk by herself. Evie underwent high doses of chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. She has endured so much at such a young age.

This past November new cancer re-growth was found in the same location again. Evie endured yet another brain surgery. She has finished two rounds of high dose chemotherapy that has been very tough on her body. She then endured anesthesia for every single day for six weeks  for more chemotherapy and radiation to her head, neck and spine. She has now started a long term maintenance chemotherapy protocol which is effective in targeting new cell growth.

We have been told that Evie can be cured given this treatment protocol. She is a remarkably strong young lady and has endured more than most adults could handle. She is desperate to be finished with treatment so she can be a normal child, play with her friends and go to school which she loves.

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